What type of Sparks should I use?

The Sparks option you should click on depends on what you want to do with your writing and whether you want to edit or continue writing.

If you’re editing your writing and you would like to see suggestions to improve things like readability, fluency, and structure, you’ll find options for these in the Edit section of the Sparks toolbar.

For fiction writers who want to ensure you’re showing, not telling, you can use the Sensory option to see a suggestion for how to include more sensory details.

If you’ve reached a point in your writing where you can’t think of what to write next, try some of the Continue options in the Sparks toolbar.

Click “Continue Writing” to see an AI generated text that suggests a way you could continue your writing and get back into the flow. You can copy the text and paste it into your document, or you can use it as inspiration.

Sparks Edit

In the Edit section of the Sparks options, you have 10 buttons to pick from:

  • Readability - Suggests edit to improve the clarity and readability
  • Fluency - Suggests improvements to fluency
  • Transitions - Suggests edits to improve the structure and use of transitional phrases
  • Sensory - Suggests edits to add sensory details to engage your reader more
  • Summarize - Suggests a short summary of the text you have selected
  • Expand from notes - Suggests a longer and fully grammatical version of a set of notes or bullet points
  • Make 1st person - Rewrites in the 1st person
  • Make 3rd person - Rewrites in the 3rd person
  • Past tense - Rewrites in the past tense
  • Present tense - Rewrites in the present tense

You can combine the functions of Sparks to improve your scores in reports such as Sticky, Readability, Sensory, and Transition. If you need some suggestions for how to reduce glue words and improve readability, you can try Sparks>Readability or Sparks>Fluency.

Try running a report, such as Sticky, and find the problem sentences in your document. Once you know what to edit, run the Realtime report so you can use the Sparks function. Select some sentences that you need to improve and run Sparks>Readability.

You can choose to replace your original text, or you can copy and paste the result into the document so you can make changes to the original sentence using the Sparks suggestion as inspiration.

Once you’ve finished editing using Sparks, run the Sticky report again to see how much you’ve improved.

Sparks Continue

In the Continue section of the Sparks options, you have 13 buttons to choose from:

  • Continue writing - Continues your writing
  • Action - Continues your writing with some action
  • Dialogue - Continues your writing with some dialogue
  • Emotion Detail - Continues your writing with a description of the emotions of the scene
  • Sensory Detail - Continues your writing with a description of the sights, sounds, smells, and feeling
  • Analogy - Continues your argument with an analogy
  • Counterargument - Continues your writing with a counterargument
  • Definition - Continues your writing with a definition
  • Emphasise - Continues your writing by reemphasizing your point
  • Example - Continues your writing by adding an example
  • Explanation - Continues your writing with a detailed explanation
  • Joke - Continues your writing with a witty sentence
  • Quote - Continues your writing with a famous quote

As you can see, there are many ways you can use Sparks to edit and develop your writing. You can use the AI generated writing within your text, or you can use it to generate ideas on how to improve your writing.

If you have any questions about Sparks that we haven’t already answered, please get in touch with us at hello@prowritingaid.com, and we’ll be happy to help you!