Will Sparks replace my text or change my writing voice?

As fellow writers at ProWritingAid, we created Sparks to make your writing and editing process easier, not to replace your writing or remove your writing voice.

Sparks is a generative AI feature, so the suggestion you see when you run the feature may not always sound exactly like your writing voice. Therefore, you have the choice of copying and pasting the suggestion into your writing, or you can use it as an inspiration tool.

How can I generate a suggestion without replacing my text?

When you generate a Sparks Edit suggestion, there is a button to Replace your original text with the AI generated text, but you don’t need to use that button if you don’t want to.

Instead, you can take the suggestion as a prompt for how you could potentially improve your writing.

Alternatively, you can manually copy and paste the suggestion into your document or a different document and use it as a comparison while you make amendments to your original text.

How can I make sure Sparks doesn’t change my writing voice?

Every writer’s voice is unique to them, so it’s important to us that you don’t feel like your voice is being removed or changed when you use Sparks.

As the writer, you have control over what you include or omit from your writing. When you generate a Sparks suggestion, you don’t need to use the generated text exactly as it’s written if you don’t want to.

Instead, you can manually copy and paste the suggestion into your document, or into a different document, and make changes to it that suit your writing voice better.

Alternatively, you can use Sparks for inspiration during your writing and editing. Sparks Continue is great for brainstorming different ways your scene could go. Sparks Edit can give you new ideas for editing improvements.

If you use Sparks for inspiration, your writing stays true to your voice and you can gain some new perspectives and ideas.

Will Sparks write my document for me?

Sparks is designed to assist in your writing and editing needs, but it can’t fully write your documents for you. In order to use Sparks, you need to have written something for it to analyse and generate suggestions for.

We see Sparks as a way to enhance your writing and editing process and speed up some of the trickier tasks such as rewriting and generating ideas. Once you start using Sparks, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a great addition to ProWritingAid.

If you have any questions about Sparks that we haven’t already answered, please get in touch with us at hello@prowritingaid.com, and we’ll be happy to help you!