What’s the difference between Sparks and Rephrase?

There are several differences between our Rephrase feature and Sparks. In order to make the most of both features, it’s a good idea to understand what each one can do and how they will help your writing and editing process.

Difference breakdown

Here’s a brief breakdown of the differences between Rephrase and Sparks:

Rephrase Sparks

- Rewrites sentences

- Provides several suggestions for each type of Rephrase

- Click on a suggestion to automatically replace your original sentence

- Useful for editing longer text, such as paragraphs

- Edit features transform your writing

- Continue features generate a way to continue your writing

- You get one suggestion when you click on a Spark feature

- You can copy the suggestion and paste it into your text

What length of writing will Rephrase and Sparks work on?

Rephrase is a feature that focuses on providing multiple suggestions for rewriting a sentence. It’s perfect for line editing when you want to make sure every sentence is the best it can be.

Sparks options allow you to edit longer amounts of text, such as an entire paragraph. For example, you can use the Rephrase>Readability option to improve the clarity of one sentence in your writing. However, if you want to improve the entire paragraph of your writing, highlight all of the text and click on Sparks>Readability to see the suggestion.

What kind of functionality do Rephrase and Sparks offer?

Rephrase is a sentence rewriting feature, so you can use it to generate different ways of writing your sentences. You can pick from seven different options to see suggestions based on how you want to improve your sentence.

Sparks offers two different types of editing features within the categories of Edit and Continue. Edit options give you suggestions for rewriting, but also can help transform writing from one tense to another or from first to third person.

The Continue features are helpful for generating new writing that you can add to your document or you can use for inspiration to help you decide where to take your piece next. If you find yourself blocked or you’re just not sure what you could say next, the Continue options are a great way to get unstuck and carry on with your writing.

If you have any questions about Sparks that we haven’t already answered, please get in touch with us at hello@prowritingaid.com, and we’ll be happy to help you!