What’s the difference between Sparks edit and continue?

The main difference between Sparks Edit and Sparks Continue is that Edit gives you suggestions to edit and improve your writing, and Continue generates new content for you based on what you’ve already written.

Sparks Edit

Sparks Edit features are there to help you transform your writing. If you highlight a section of text, for example a couple of paragraphs, and you click on one of the Edit options in Sparks, you’ll see an AI generated suggestion.

Here’s an example for you:

First we’re going to take this sample paragraph and paste it into the Web Editor.

To see the Sparks toolbar, we need to highlight the text we want to use to generate a suggestion.

To improve the readability of this paragraph, we click on the Readability feature in the Sparks toolbar. Sparks then generates a rewrite suggestion for this paragraph in a pop-up.

If we like this suggestion and decide we want to replace our paragraph with the Sparks generated paragraph, we can click on the Replace button and the paragraph will update automatically.

If we don’t like that version and we want to see another suggestion, we can click Try Again. Remember, any time you click Try Again, it will use another of your daily Sparks allowance credits.

If there are some elements of this paragraph that we like but we don’t want to completely replace the paragraph in our document, we can click on Copy and paste the paragraph into the document manually. Then we can edit our current paragraph to match parts of the Sparks generated suggestion.

Each of the Sparks Edit features works in this way.

Sparks Continue

Sparks Continue features can be used to generate a continuation of what you have already written. If you have writers block or you want to add to a point you’re already making, but you can’t think of what to write next, you can use Sparks Continue.

Here’s an example of how the Continue features work:

Taking the same sample paragraph we used in the example above, we can click on Continue: Action to generate some new content for our story which includes some action points.

Once we’ve generated the text, we can use it as inspiration, giving us ideas for where to take our story next or we can copy and paste the generated text into our document.

To add the generated text to your document, you simply need to click on Copy and then paste it into your document.

If you don’t like the generated text, you can click Try Again to see another suggestion. Remember, any time you click Try Again, it will use another of your daily Sparks allowance credits.

If you have any questions about Sparks that we haven’t already answered, please get in touch with us at hello@prowritingaid.com, and we’ll be happy to help you!