Is the Critique Report designed to replace human editors?

No, the Critique Report isn’t meant to replace human editors or Beta readers. It’s an AI tool for generating immediate feedback on the quality of your writing, so you can save time in refining your writing before reaching out to Beta readers and editors.

ProWritingAid is an assistant to your writing and editing needs, and the Critique Report offers a new type of feedback you can use for your writing and editing. How you use it is completely up to you.

Here are three ways you can make the most of the Critique Report before you take it to your editor or beta readers:

Keep on track

When you’re drafting, you can use the Critique Report to make sure you’re achieving your writing goals with each chapter. If you’ve got a scene or chapter plan, you can run the report to check what you’ve written matches with your plans.

Save the PDFs of each chapter as you write them to build a foundation for your first round of edits after the manuscript is finished. It’s satisfying to see the progress you’re making through the story and building up the folder of Critique Reports for later.

Developmental editing suggestions

Most writers who have completed their first drafts start editing by focusing on developmental edits, which means focusing on plot, characters, setting, pacing, POV, etc. The Critique Report is great at providing quick feedback on these elements before you let anyone else read your draft.

By using the Critique Report, you can start the editing process with a sense of direction. If you’re a first-time writer, this is crucial to ensure you don’t get lost in the sea of potential changes you could make. Working one chapter at a time, you can really drill down on your edits and produce amazing writing.

Validate your writing

If you’re suffering from imposter syndrome or the editor on your shoulder telling you the writing isn’t good enough, try running the Critique Report. You’ll get instant feedback on your writing that proves you’re doing well, but also provides some pointers for improvements if you want them.

As writers at ProWritingAid, we know how important it is to feel like you’re telling a good story. The Critique Report is perfect for immediate reassurance without having to share the story with anyone else yet.

If you have any questions about the Critique Report that we haven’t already answered, please get in touch with us at, and we’ll be happy to help you!