Are Sparks suggestions plagiarized?

It is extremely unlikely that Sparks suggestions would contain plagiarized text, because Sparks is designed to create a unique response every time you run it. While some words may be similar in each suggestion, the chances of getting the same result again are very low.

Sparks uses your text as a prompt to generate the best original response each time. If your writing is original and not plagiarized, the results you see in Sparks should also be original.

Sparks suggestions are created by an AI that generates responses word by word. It learns concepts and language structure from the texts it's trained on, but doesn't copy and paste from them. Each time you click on a Sparks option, it provides you with a new suggestion.

Should I use a plagiarism checker after using Sparks?

We encourage you to use a plagiarism checker to verify that your writing is original. This applies to writing you’ve created yourself, and any writing you’ve generated or edited using an AI tool.

Plagiarism is a big deal for writers of any content, and we take it very seriously too. If you want to be sure your writing isn’t plagiarizing someone else, it’s best to check using a plagiarism checker.

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