What type of feedback would I get in the Critique Report?

When you run the Critique Report, your text is analysed using AI technology and the window appears on your screen with bespoke feedback you can use to improve your writing.

The AI reads your text as though it’s a developmental editor and provides specific feedback on the key elements of creative writing, such as:

  • Strengths - what you’re doing well in your writing.
  • Plot/Story - how well your narrative flows and any obvious plot areas that can be developed further.
  • Characters - how well your characters are developed.
  • Tension - how much conflict is in your writing and how engaging it is for a reader.
  • Point of View - how consistently you stick to specific POV in your writing.
  • Setting - how much you describe the setting in your scenes and whether you could include more details.
  • Style/Voice - how authentic your writing sounds throughout the analysed text.
  • Clarity/Cohesion - how readable your writing is and any areas that are tricky for a reader to understand.
  • Description - how much sensory description you use to show the story rather than telling it.
  • Dialogue - how authentic your characters sound in their dialogue.
  • Pacing - how quickly or slowly your narrative moves and whether any improvements are needed.
  • Potential improvements - a summary of potential improvements you could make to the section of text analysed by the report.

The report may not always show all these categories of feedback, and sometimes it'll show more. The report is specially crafted for your document. Therefore, if you want to go back and check a previous report, you'll need to make sure you save the report to your computer each time. Check here for information about how to save the report.

The response the Critique Report gives may not always be exactly what a human developmental editor or Beta reader would give, though. The Critique Report is not designed to be a replacement for a human developmental editor or Beta reader.

If you have any questions about the Critique Report that we haven’t already answered, please get in touch with us at hello@prowritingaid.com, and we’ll be happy to help you!