How to use the Sticky Sentence Report

This article gives an in-depth look at the Sticky Sentence Report and how to use it: Sticky Sentence Report

Sticky sentences wobble around without getting to the point. They are hard to follow and should be rewritten to increase clarity.

Every sentence contains some words that don't have any actual meaning; they just hold your sentence together: and, in, the, of, etc. These glue words are empty spaces in your writing that your reader needs to get through to reach your meaning. Statistics show that published texts have a low percentage of glue words, and so should your writing.

Please know that we only calculate stickiness in sentences that are longer than 8 words for 'Sticky' and 15 words for 'Semi-sticky' sentences.

For sticky sentences specifically, we usually recommend hitting around the 40% mark of 'stickiness'. This is because most sentences require some sticky words in order to make sense. 

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