What software integrations does ProWritingAid offer?

Most editing software forces you to copy and paste between your word processor and a website. In the process, you lose your formatting, valuable time, and possibly your patience! 

We are the only software that integrates with MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Scrivener, and Google Chrome so you can edit wherever you write. You can read more about the integrations here.

Which version of ProWritingAid is right for you?

Desktop App
Our desktop app has the most functionality. It allows you to open, edit, and save the widest variety of files: Scrivener, MS Word, text, markdown, Final Draft, and more. It also works for both Windows and Mac users. 

Word Add-In
If you usually write in Microsoft Word, download this Add-In for smoothly integrated writing tools where you need them most. Currently, this option only exists for PC users. Don't fret, Mac users! We are releasing a Word Add-In for Mac in the next couple of months. 

Google Docs Add-In
If you're a Google Docs user, download this Add-In to edit your writing as you go.

Chrome Extension
You can also install the Chrome extension, which is great for checking emails, posts, pins, or tweets before you press "send."

Online Editor
Or, if you already love our online editing tool, you can keep using that. Premium users have no word count limitations.

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