What software integrations does ProWritingAid offer?

Write in your preferred app or website using ProWritingAid's extensive integration options.

ProWritingAid Everywhere

For editing directly within your writing apps such as Scrivener, Pages, and Word, download ProWritingAid Everywhere. Get Realtime suggestions and over 25 writing reports to analyze specific areas of your writing exactly when you need them.

Please note, ProWritingAid Everywhere will not appear as an app like other integrations, but it will appear automatically in compatible programmes. For more information, check out the FAQS at the bottom of the download page.

ProWritingAid Browser Extension

Want the same editing support when you’re writing on websites such as Google Docs, Facebook, and Gmail? Install one of our browser extensions for either Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox.

Our Chrome extension may be compatible with other Chromium-based browsers, but we do not guarantee full compatibility.

Our Other Integrations

  • Word Add-in for Windows—included in the ProWritingAid Everywhere for Windows download
  • Word Add-in for Mac—install from the add-ins store directly within Word to edit within your Word documents
  • Google Docs Add-on—edit in Google Docs using our specific add-on
  • Desktop App—open or create documents within a standalone app, which saves your edits directly back to your original document

ProWritingAid Web Editor

You can also upload or create documents in our Web Editor, accessible from our website. Your edited documents in the Web Editor are automatically saved to your account, making them accessible from any computer or device when logged in.


All of our integrations require an internet connection to work. This is to allow our numerous high-powered reports to contact our servers and function!

Have some more questions about ProWritingAid's integrations not mentioned here? Feel free to reach out to our support team at: hello@prowritingaid.com

Purchase ProWritingAid here: https://prowritingaid.com/en/App/Purchase

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