How secure is my work?

We take privacy very seriously, and your work is securely protected!

Every day, we run thousands of analysis requests. That data is sent to our servers to be processed, but we do not store it on our servers. We send only the piece of text that is under analysis to our servers, and only for the time it takes to process that text and generate the suggestions you see on ProWritingAid. In most cases, this takes a matter of seconds. Once the analysis is complete, any record of your text is removed from our servers. 

Your documents are created and uploaded to your account, but you are the only one who has access to them. 

Our Web Editor is the only version of ProWritingAid that retains information. Please don't worry though as our Web Editor encrypts your data, sends it to our servers to analyse your document, and then re-encrypts your data when it is returned to the Web Editor. 

If you are concerned in any way, you do not need to use our Web Editor. We also offer a Word Add-In and Desktop Editor. These store your documents in your local files, which we cannot access.

Here is a link to our Privacy Policy. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our team at who will be happy to help!

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