How do I use ProWritingAid?

To help you use ProWritingAid, we've created a quick 2.5 minute video to help get you up and running fast!

Learn more with our useful "Getting Started with ProWritingAid" article:

Here are some other videos that may be of interest:

You can also check out our useful videos, tutorials, and webinars on our ProWritingAid YouTube channel:

We even have an extensive section of the blog devoted to first-time users:

Purchase ProWritingAid here:

For copy editing queries - ProWritingAid holds a monthly webinar with JoEllen Nordstrom, founder of First Editing. You can register to participate in the webinar here: or check out past events on our YouTube channel here: ProWritingAidTV. To contact JoEllen and her team at First Editing, please visit their website here:

For story editing queries - we offer some very helpful webinars in collaboration with Kristina Stanley, the CEO of Fictionary, for help with story editing, on our YouTube channel. Here's the link: ProWritingAidTV. You can find Fictionary's website, resources, and software for writers here: