What languages are compatible with ProWritingAid?

Currently, ProWritingAid is only available in English. There may be the possibility of ProWritingAid becoming available in other languages in the future.

There are different settings for the following: General English, British English, US English, Australian English, and Canadian English. You can choose which version you want by changing your account settings. Here are some helpful instructions on how to do this for each of our integrations: 

In the online editor, you can find the settings in the centre of your screen. Use the drop-down to change your language, as below:

In the desktop app, click on ProWritingAid in the left-hand corner of the screen and go to the Preferences menu. Please be aware the below menu may look different depending on if you are a Mac or Windows user: 

The language in the Office Add-In for Word and Outlook is determined by the proofing language already selected. To change it, go to Review > Language > Set Proofing Language

Purchase ProWritingAid here: https://prowritingaid.com/en/App/Purchase

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