Where do I enter my license code in MS Word add-in?

You no longer need to enter your license code in the Microsoft Word Add-In!

Instead, you can simply enter your ProWritingAid log in credentials (the username/email and password you use on our website) and our Add-In will recognise your Premium license. 

If you're not logged in, you should be prompted to do so when you open Word. If you're not prompted, you can log in on the settings page via the ProWritingAid toolbar.

If ProWritingAid isn't recognising your Premium license, please ensure you are logged into your ProWritingAid account with the email address registered to your Premium license. If the issue continues, please contact our team at hello@prowritingaid.com and we will be happy to help!

Purchase ProWritingAid here: https://prowritingaid.com/en/App/Purchase

You can see and change information regarding your license on your account profile page here: https://prowritingaid.com/en/Account/Manage

Download our ProWritingAid Word Add-In here: https://prowritingaid.com/en/App/Office

Learn more with our useful Getting Started with ProWritingAid article: https://prowritingaid.com/art/864/getting-started-with-prowritingaid.aspx