Does ProWritingAid work in FireFox?

Yes, we have developed a fully functioning browser extension for Firefox, which you can download from our website here:

You can also find out more about how to use our browser extension by checking out our article: How to Use the ProWritingAid Browser Extension. It talks about the Chrome extension, but it shares the same functions as our Firefox browser extension!

As well as our browser extension, you can also use our Web Editor in your Firefox browser. You can access the Web Editor from our website homepage and clicking 'Use App'. 

For information on how to use our Web Editor and how to dive into all the reports available to you, read our article: How To Use ProWritingAid

If you're interested in the extra ways the Web Editor can help you with your editing, check out: When to Use ProWritingAid's Web Editor!

Purchase ProWritingAid here:

Learn more with our useful Getting Started with ProWritingAid article:

If the browser extension or web editor isn't what you're looking for, we have many other integrations you can download from our plugins page: