How to use the Google Docs add-on

Once you have downloaded our Google Docs add-in, you'll be ready to start editing!

Go to Google Docs, making sure that you are logged in with the same email you use for ProWritingAid. 

Then, in the toolbar, please click on 'Add-ons' as shown below.


Select 'ProWritingAid Grammar Checker and Writing Coach' and then the option to 'Improve Document'. 

This will bring up your text within our editor where you can run our ProWritingAid reports and make your edits. Once you're done, these will be applied to your Google Doc. 

If you don't see the 'Add-ons' button, it's probably because you've uploaded a .docx file to Google Docs. Please copy and paste your document into a fresh Google Doc - this will make sure the 'Add-ons' button appears!

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