What does the Writing Style Report do?

The Style Report offers suggestions to improve your writing based on 10+ different categories:

  • Readability Enhancements
  • Hidden verbs
  • Passive verbs
  • Passive index
  • Style improvements
  • Long subordinate clauses
  • Adverbs outside of dialogue
  • Emotion tells
  • Repeated sentence starts
  • Inclusive language improvements
  • Pronouns usage
  • Style guide items 

To run the Style Report, click the Style Report Button in the toolbar. You'll see a navigation bar on the left with writing style suggestions based on each of the categories listed above.

Click the downward arrow icon to expand and view the suggestions for a specific category.

To hide the highlights for an item, click on the eye icon. To jump to the highlight for an item, click on the arrow icon.

If you would like to focus on one category in particular—for example, the Readability Enhancements—turn off highlights for all other categories by hovering over the category headings and clicking the eye icon. To show the highlights, click the eye again.

Each category features distinct suggestions that you can either can accept or ignore based on your writing needs. These are some of the most common suggestions that you may get and what they'll look like.

Readability Enhancements

Suggestions under this category allow your w

Hidden Verbs

The Hidden Verbs category highlights possible hidden verbs so you can choose stronger replacements.

Passive Verbs

The Passive Verb category includes highlighted passive verbs so you can make them active.

Passive Index

The Passive Index category tells you what percentage of your writing is in the passive voice so you can change it to the active voice - if necessary.

Style Improvements

Style improvement suggestions will show you where you have redundancies or ordinary and forgettable words, so you can replace them with stronger alternatives.

Emotion Tells

These suggestions will highlight areas in your writing where you are telling your audience about an emotion rather than showing them. It will pick up on phrases like "was scared" and "is happy" to show you where you can add more details around them.

Repeated Sentences

Suggestions under this category will highlight paragraphs where you've started multiple sentences with the same word.

Once you've reviewed any of these suggestions, you can decide if you want to implement it or ignore it. If the suggestion is helpful,click on it to insert it in your writing. If you get a suggestion that is unhelpful to you, simply click the ignore icon. You'll always have full autonomy over your writing with ProWritingAid and have the final say in deciding which suggestions to implement or ignore. For example, if you're using the passive voice intentionally, then you can choose to ignore the related suggestions. 

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