How can I disable ProWritingAid Desktop Everywhere on specific apps?

ProWritingAid Desktop Everywhere gives you the flexibility to access our reports and features from compatible apps, but we understand that you may not always want to use ProWritingAid with a specific app.

Below you’ll find the steps to disable ProWritingAid temporarily or permanently on specific apps.

To disable ProWritingAid on a specific app:

If you want to write undistracted, simply click on the “eye” icon in the ProWritingAid Menu icon that will appear on your writing apps. All underlines and suggestions will disappear. To bring them back, just click on the “closed eye” icon.

If you don’t want ProWritingAid to appear in some programmes at all, you can turn Desktop Everywhere off in the Settings options here:

You can then choose to turn off ProWritingAid Desktop Everywhere for a specific app temporarily (choose "Disable in this app for 1 hour") or permanently ("Disable in this app").

You can turn ProWritingAid Desktop Everywhere back on following these steps:


To turn ProWritingAid back on for that app, you will need to open your Desktop Everywhere settings and remove the programme from your 'Blocked Apps' list.

  1. Locate the ProWritingAid Desktop Everywhere icon on your desktop toolbar, here:

  1. Right click on the Desktop Everywhere icon, and select 'Settings' from the options that appear.

  1. Go to the section 'Blocked Apps' section and click 'View'.

Select the option to 'Remove' the block for your programme, then 'Done' to complete the process.


Click on the ProWritingAid Desktop Everywhere icon in the top toolbar of your screen and select “Settings”. On the pop-up, select the app(s) that you’d like to re-enable and click ‘Remove App’.