What do the Chrome extension icons mean?

The Chrome extension displays a floating icon on compatible websites from which you can easily access all ProWritingAid Reports, including Realtime Goals and Improvements, and other features.

The colour and shape of the icon will depend on if your document has suggestions available or not. Below, you will find what each icon and icon color means:


  • You can use the new ProWritingAid icon to easily access all our features and reports within any compatible website.
  • The “document” icon opens the Reports menu, where you can select and run our individual reports to get actionable insights on your writing. Or, access your settings quickly and easily by clicking on the "cogwheel" icon.
  • The “eye” icon activates the focus mode. When Focus mode is active, the icon turns into a “closed eye” and all underlines will disappear, so you can write undistracted. To bring them back, just click on the “closed eye” icon.

Icon Colors:

  • When the floating menu icon is green, this means ProWritingAid is active, but is not analyzing text. This is usually because there is no text available.

  • If the menu icon shows as a green tick, this means ProWritingAid has checked your text and could not find any improvements to suggest.

  • When the menu icon turns orange, ProWritingAid has provided suggested improvements for your text. Simply click on the icon to activate the Real-time sidebar.