How do I Rephrase my Sentences?

To use our Rephrase feature, you simply need to highlight a word (or a phrase) or a sentence with your mouse cursor while editing a document in one of our compatible integrations. You should then see the rephrase button.


Click on that button to see the rephrase suggestions. 

Select your preferred one and the changes will be made to your document.

To determine which Rephrase type is best for you, check out our FAQ: What type of Rephrase Should I Use?

Please note that the rephrasing options you see when using this report are from a third party service. Therefore, the first time you click on the rephrase button, you will need to select the 'Okay, proceed' option to consent to using the service.

Each time you click on the rephrasing button, you will see up to 5 options for rephrasing your sentence or phrase. 

Please know that, unfortunately, we cannot reinstate any rephrases if you click on the button accidentally.

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