What Type of Rephrase Should I Use?

Our Rephrase feature offers seven different types of rephrasing you can choose from. To decide which type you use, we recommend you consider what you want from your text, then choose the Rephrase type depending on that purpose.  

Standard: this takes what you've written and shows you different ways to phrase it.

Fluency: rephrases your text to make it sound fluent by using the more precise words a native speaker would choose.

Formal: makes your writing more sophisticated for professional and academic documents.

Informal: adapts your word choice and sentence structure to make your writing sound more informal and casual.

Sensory: for creative writers. This will add more sensory detail to make your descriptions more engaging (my personal favorite).

Shorten: takes long sentences and makes them shorter and clearer.

Lengthen: takes a short sentence and expands it with more relevant details.

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