Why are My Changes Not Saving to Scrivener?

If Scrivener is open while you are editing your document in the ProWritingAid Desktop App, this can prevent the changes from being saved to the original document. 

Here's the process just in case it's something else: 

  • Open your desktop app, click "File," then click "Open File." 
  • Select your Scrivener doc from the menu and it will populate within the ProWritingAid app. 
  • If your formatting looks different, don't worry—the desktop app ignores formatting while you're editing, but retains it in your original Scrivener doc.
  • When you're done making edits, click "Save" and all those edits will be synced back to your original Scrivener doc. 
  • Please make sure your Scrivener application is closed while you work within ProWritingAid. Otherwise, changes you make might not be saved.

If the issue persists, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at hello@prowritingaid.com who will be happy to help troubleshoot this with you!

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