Can ProWritingAid Write or Re-Write my Document for me?

ProWritingAid will not write your document for you because it was never designed, nor intended to be, a story/essay/blog/article generator.

Neither will ProWritingAid tell you how to re-write or re-phrase a sentence outside of the suggestions it makes for your text.

This is because some suggestions may not be quite right for your context, or may require you to choose between a few alternatives.

At ProWritingAid, we want to help you make your writing the best it can be. We do this by using AI to analyze your writing for grammar, style, readability, and more. Our app then makes suggestions on how you can improve your writing based on its findings.

Providing sentence re-phrasing could cause unintended changes to meaning or style.

What ProWritingAid does is enable you to learn more about your own writing with over 20 different reports (more than any other editing software).

As each writer has their own strengths and weaknesses, different reports will appeal to different users. We even offer a combo report and personalized settings so you can tailor the functionality of ProWritingAid to your specific needs as a writer.

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