Can you Recover my Lost or Deleted Work?

Unfortunately, we are unable to recover work that has been removed or deleted from our Web Editor for any reason.

As per our Privacy policy, we send only the piece of text that is under analysis to our servers, and only for the time it takes to process that text and generate the suggestions you see on ProWritingAid. In most cases, this takes a matter of seconds.

Once the analysis is complete, any record of your text is removed from our servers. For this reason we strongly recommend all users export their work from our Web Editor back to their computer once they have finished making their edits.

ProWritingAid does feature an "undo" command, but it is a bit hidden. The easiest way to access the feature is through your keyboard. With Mac, use (Command + z).  With Windows this will be Ctrl + Z.

If you are using a word processor, such as Google Docs or Word, and your document was saved at any time during your edits, you should be able to recover your lost work by selecting the 'previous version' option usually provided by word processors.

For our Desktop App, every time you save a document, either manually or through the auto-save feature, your edits will sync to your original file.

Please know that if your work has been saved in some folders of cloud storage, like OneDrive or Dropbox, this can cause issues with saving and recovering files. If this is the case, your cloud storage may have stored some history of file changes. Therefore, you should be able to find your document there.

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