How much text can I check with one plagiarism credit?

One ProWritingAid Plagiarism Credit will check a maximum of 2,000 words. 

If you have a document that is 8000 words long and want to check the complete document, you'll need to use 4 checks. If you wanted to check a shorter piece of text, say 500 words, that would still use one whole check.

​The Plagiarism Checks are designed to run on smaller pieces. Any more then 2,000 words and it would take too long to run (and the amount of time for you to go through it would be overwhelming).

​Therefore, please note that you will need to highlight a 2,000 words section with your mouse cursor before running the check OR split your work into 2,000 word sections first. Otherwise, the check will only run on the first 2,000 words of your document.

If you run a plagiarism check and nothing is marked, the most likely explanation is that you didn't have any plagiarised content!

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