Will my license auto-renew?

Great question! We have several types of licenses. Depending on what kind you purchased and when you purchased it, your renewal options look different.

Monthly subscriptions renew every single month using the card you have on file. Yearly subscriptions renew annually on the date of your first purchase using the card you have on file. Lifetime licenses are a one-time payment.

Certain users may have purchased a yearly license before we moved to a subscription model. If that's you, you'll be prompted to switch to the yearly subscription when your current license expires. We'll send you an email to alert you if that's the case.

Not sure which license type you have? You can check your license status by going to your Account page. If you see a "Cancel" button, then you have a subscription. If you only see an expiration date, then you have an annual license which you'll need to upgrade to a subscription upon expiry.