Will my license auto-renew?

When you purchase a ProWritingAid subscription it is set to automatically renew either monthly or annually depending on your license. This auto renewal is set to remain in place until the subscription is cancelled.

The only ProWritingAid license that does not renew is our Lifetime license. 

Monthly and Yearly licenses will renew every month/year on the day you purchased, using the card you have on file. (Please be aware that, if you initially paid with Paypal, your renewals will be processed with the primary card you have on file with Paypal. If you would like to use a different card to pay, please make that card the primary one on your Paypal account instead.)

If you purchased a yearly license before we moved to a subscription model, you'll be prompted to switch to the yearly subscription when your current license expires. We'll send you an email to alert you if that's the case.

Not sure which license type you have? You can check your license status by going to your Account page. If you see a "Cancel" button, then you have a subscription. If you only see an expiration date, then you have an annual license which you'll need to upgrade to a subscription upon expiry.

To change the card you have listed on your ProWritingAid account, please click here.

Or, to manually cancel your subscription so that it does not renew, go to your account profile page and click the 'cancel subscription' button.

Purchase ProWritingAid here: https://prowritingaid.com/en/App/Purchase

Learn more with our useful Getting Started with ProWritingAid article: https://prowritingaid.com/art/864/getting-started-with-prowritingaid.aspx