ProWritingAid ribbon disappeared from Word

If you don't see our ProWritingAid Add-in on your Word ribbon, then there may have been an issue with the installation.

If you are using a Windows PC, please follow the below steps:

  1. Close Microsoft Word
  2. Download this executable:
  3. Once it is downloaded, please run it. It will check that the configuration of your Word add-in is correct and repair it if it isn't.
  4. Open Microsoft Word and check if your ProWritingAid Word add-in is now installed.

If the add-in still isn't appearing in Word, please check if it is appearing in your list of add-ins. To do this, go to File >> Options >> Add-Ins >> click "Go...". The ProWritingAid Word Add-in should appear on the list. If it doesn't, please download it from our website here

If you are using a Mac device, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign out of Microsoft Word by clicking Word > Sign Out…
  2. Restart Microsoft Word and sign in again.
  3. Open the INSERT menu and click "Get Add-ins" or Store.
  4. Type ProWritingAid in the search field and press Enter.
  5. Click Add next to the listing

If the above steps do not resolve the issue for you, please contact our team on with details about the situation. We will be happy to help troubleshoot this with you to find the best solution!

Purchase ProWritingAid here:

Download our ProWritingAid Word Add-In here:

Learn more with our useful Getting Started with ProWritingAid article: