How to Open Scrivener Docs in ProWritingAid

To open your Scrivener documents in ProWritingAid, you will need to use our Desktop App! You can then upload and edit your Scrivener files directly within our Desktop App. ProWritingAid will not appear within Scrivener itself. 

You can download our ProWritingAid Desktop App here:

If you are a Windows user, this article will help get you up and running. Or, if you are a Mac user, this article will help you get set up.

When you first load up the Desktop App, you should see this screen: 

You can then click on 'Open' and select your Scrivener project from your computer. 

Your Scrivener project will then open within the ProWritingAid app with all of your folders on the left-hand side. Simply lick on your documents within the folders and edit them! 

If your formatting looks different, don't worry—the desktop app ignores formatting while you're editing, but  retains it in your original Scrivener doc when you save the document. 

When you're done making edits, click "Save" and all those edits will be synced back to your original Scrivener doc. Please make sure your Scrivener application is closed while you work within ProWritingAid. Otherwise, changes you make might not be saved.

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