How to get started with ProWritingAid's Word Add-in

If you haven’t used a Word or Outlook add-in before, it’s very  simple. You just  need to download a small bit of software, which will then be automatically added to your menu in Word and Outlook.

Click here to download the new ProWritingAid MS Word/Outlook add-in.

A small file called ProWritingAidSetup .exe will begin to  download. When it’s finished downloading, click it and a window will open asking you to agree to the licence terms and conditions. Once you click the “agree” box, you will be able to  begin installing .

You may be asked once again to agree to let our app make changes to your computer. Please click yes.

When you open Word the next time, there should be a new heading at the top that says " ProWritingAid. Click the heading and it will open your ProWritingAid toolbar.

You will need to enter your ProWritingAid Premium licence code. The easiest way to do this is by clicking ' Log-in to retrieve licence' from either the welcome message box or the settings window. Alternatively, you can copy & paste it from the email you received when you purchased your Premium licence, or from your user profile when logged in to the ProWritingAid website.

If you are not a ProWritingAid Premium user, you will be offered a free 2-week trial when you open the add-in for the first time.

Click on the cog (see circled in red) to enter your licence code

This may vary slightly depending on the version of Word that you are using

Once your licence code is in place, you are ready to go!